Our structure

The structure of the company has been designed to ensure that:

  • the company is limited by shares
  • the company is legally separate from practices, and liability for practices and directors is limited
  • the company is eligible to hold NHS Pensions
  • membership is currently limited to practices holding a GMS or PMS Contract within South West Essex – Thurrock CCG and Basildon & Brentwood CCG – area.
  • the organisation is owned by its members (shareholders)
  • the members elect a Board of Directors to manage the company
  • all practices will have an equal say irrespective of list size – one practice, one vote
  • the company is accountable to practices, which are its shareholders
  • financial contribution and distribution of profits (in the form of dividends) is based on list size
  • the Board will be responsible for operational decisions and members (shareholders) for strategic decisions.