What we do

Anesi Healthcare is a GP Federation formed by a group of GP practices in Thurrock, Basildon and Billericay. We are owned by these South Essex practices who are our shareholders.

We hold corporate Information Governance (IG) and Quality Care Commission (CQC) registration and are therefore in a strong position to bid for substantial healthcare contracts.

By using the resources of this larger grouping to offer clinical and managerial support to individual practices, we aim to help those practices to survive and thrive.

Our purpose:

  • protect existing practice income streams
  • develop and increase new income streams for practices
  • develop innovative new services to meet the upcoming strategies from NHS England
  • tender for bids for health projects including ITTs and AQPs
  • develop and deliver new pilot schemes and demonstration sites
  • increase the influence of practices over the future strategic direction of primary care.

Our aims:

  • offer a multi-disciplinary assessment incorporating CQC and IG governance.
  • examine and develop new models of care and emerging professions within Primary care.
  • look to recruit and retain general practitioners to remain in and serve the community in the longer term, offering a range of roles and opportunities.
  • seek to develop intermediate care services, working with local social care providers to offer comprehensive services to patients within localities and aligned to general practices.
  • provide seven-day access to district nursing: supporting and sustaining people in their own homes and reducing unnecessary hospital admissions.